7 Steps to Change Your Story

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Episode #93

Ever find yourself in a narrative you want to change? I have good news for you, you can! Shannon Jamail joins me this week and shares her seven steps to change your story. Shannon recently published her book, Surrender: A Journey Towards a Fulfilled Life. After reading this book, I knew I had to share these seven steps to change your story with you.

There’s a common thread when it comes to our BS stories: that we believe we’re not enough. Not pretty enough, educated enough, experienced enough etc. If I could share one thing with you, it’s this: you’re more than enough. You are capable beyond your wildest dreams.

When we cling to our stories, many of which began at a young age, we can get stuck. The key is, being aware of this belief (story) and wanting to change. Stories are developed by experiences. These experiences can leave us feeling empowered or leave us feeling fearful. Often times, it leaves many of us in victim mode. A victim mindset (I can’t _______ because __________) is a fast track to nowhere. Below I share Shannon’s seven steps to changing your story:

  1. Aware/acknowledge
  2. Thank it
  3. Create a mantra (new affirming phrase)
  4. Confirmation/evidence to support it
  5. Visualize (feel your desire)
  6. Pray/meditate on it
  7. Love self through process

Changing your story is like going to the gym. It’s a daily, life long practice. Similarly to building muscle, you don’t workout once and call it a day. It’s a continual practice and the stronger (easier) it will become.

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