7 Steps to Become a Master Manifestor

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Episode #114

This week, I’m sharing my seven steps to become a master manifestor. Manifesting is fun. Perhaps you know a little something about this from the Law of Attraction or The Secret.

I’ve been able to manifest things for years. I imagine you have too whether you’re aware of it or not. I want to share my seven steps with you so you can be doing it regularly and with intention.

7 Steps to Become a Master Manifestor: 

  1. Have a clear desire 
  2. Ask the Universe
  3. Release the need to know the how
  4. Trust process
  5. Let go, let flow
  6. Keep vibration high
  7. Clear resistance

When you are clear on the end result (specific dollar amount, travel destination, pounds you want to let go of etc) and then you let go of the how, it provides the quickest route for it to come to you. I know you may think you know what’s best, but trust me, let go and allow the process to unfold.

By using these seven steps regularly, you can literally manifest whatever you desire. The key is letting go of resistance (the how and timing) and trust that your desire is on its way. 

Today is a great day to manifest my desires. 

Have fun with this! Once you are clear on your desire, it’s equally important to feel the feelings of already having it. For example, if you desire more money but you are tight with what you have or always focused on lack or debt, you are creating resistance. 

When I desired to go on vacation, I was clear about two things: blue water and 80+ degree weather. That’s it. I didn’t try to control the outcome with the destination, timing or any other details. And in less than three days, I was booked on a trip for two weeks later and it cost less than $600! Thank you Universe!

Are you ready to be a master manifestor?!

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