7 Benefits of Tidying Up

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Episode #112

If you haven’t hopped on the Marie Kondo tidying up wagon yet, now’s your chance. I’m providing you with 7 benefits to tidying from my personal experience.

I watched a couple of episodes on Netflix to know what the craze was all about – and then I started my own tidying up journey. I’ll be very up front, it can be an overwhelming experience, but like anything new, start small and KEEP GOING. It will get better.

There are five categories in the KonMari method: 

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono (miscellaneous)
  5. Sentimental

It’s important to go in order and finish each category before going on to the next. It’s not about tidying up each room, but rather following in order each category. Whether you’re tidying clothes, shoes or books, you’ll literally pile everything into one space to first see how much you have and then to let go of those items that no longer spark joy.

Sparking joy is what this process is all about. Although it may sound cliche, now that the process is over I literally do have joy in each room, when I open drawers and closets etc. 

Now, to my list of benefits. I’ve compiled seven benefits I have experienced since tidying. 

  1. Feel lighter – by letting go of things that you don’t use or need, you will open up space in your home. From closet space, to cupboard space, to shelf space and beyond. You’ll actually feel lighter.
  2. Sparked joy – yes, you will have sparked joy! Opening drawers and seeing organization, seeing the floor, knowing where things are, all of these and more are reasons to feel joy in your home.
  3. Peace of mind – your outer environment is a direct reflection of your internal environment. By tidying up, you will feel lighter, have sparked joy and yes, have peace of mind.
  4. Completed tasks – following the KonMari method, you will be able to actually complete tasks. Rather than have piles or unfinished tasks everywhere you look, you will be able to focus and complete tasks.
  5. Productive – waking up and living in a tidy space promotes productivity. With the peace of mind of clear space, you can tackle your to-do list and accomplish more than before.
  6. Take inventory – once you’ve tidied your space, you’ll know what you have and what you need. You may realize you may have multiple of many things such as medicine, cleaning supplies, vitamins etc.
  7. Sustainable order – finally, the best feeling of all, sustainable order. Unlike other forms of decluttering, this process creates sustainable ways of staying tidy.

Are you ready to spark joy?!

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