5 Ways to Stop Self Deprecating Behavior

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Episode #130

This week I’m sharing with you 5 ways to stop self deprecating behavior. For some, it’s become a habit to always make jokes of themselves, to talk down about themselves and/or to highlight their failures. Maybe they think it’s funny, or maybe they just want to beat their audience to the punch.

This really became apparent to me after attending a local comedy show. Every comedian’s act was to completely make fun of themselves. The only thing – it wasn’t that funny. I could tell they really truly believed they were a lost cause, unhealthy and overweight, a loser etc.

It made me sad. I started paying more attention and it’s not just comedians doing this. If you pay attention, many people do this often. Maybe they think if they make fun of themselves it will soften the blow when others try.


Emotional intelligence is about being self aware. Being aware of your good traits and often your ways of sabotaging. I believe it’s healthy to understand your vices, insecurities, failures etc. Instead of highlighting them and making jokes on the reg, understand them and begin to choose a healthier approach.

5 ways to stop self deprecating behavior. 

I have compiled a list of five ways to stop self deprecating behavior. 

  1. Positive self talk – this can be mirror work, and it’s really about paying attention to the language you use. Do you constantly refer to yourself as ugly, not capable, that you suck at __________ etc? Instead, try saying I love you and find your positive qualities. Start highlighting those instead.
  2. Stop comparing – I think we all know comparison is the thief of happiness. Stop comparing your exterior or progress or material goods to others. We’re all on our own journey.
  3. Find accountability – Surround yourself with people who will call you out when you self deprecate and help to lift you up.
  4. Inner circle – As the saying goes, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Pay attention to how they talk. Do they self deprecate too?
  5. Choose change – Do you want to feel good about yourself? Do you want more confidence? The change begins with you.

Begin to choose differently. 

The words you speak and the thoughts you think will either lift you up or tear you down. Choose wisely.

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