5 Steps to Change Your Negative Narrative

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Episode #119


It’s Time to Change Your Negative Narrative!

Dr. Nicole LePera joins me this week to share her five steps to change your negative narrative. You may be asking, “What’s a negative narrative?” Without be consciously aware, or because it’s become such a pattern, the thoughts you think and the language you speak create your reality.

If you are always speaking from a negative angle such as “never, can’t, should, try” or live life with a victim mentality (that everything happens TO you), these are examples of negative narratives.

The good news? You have 100% power to empower your life and create the reality you truly desire. 

We’re Energetic Beings

Quantum physics states that we, and our surroundings, are all energy. Atoms and subatomic particles to be exact. We’re energetic beings emitting waves of energy. If you habitually emit negative, that’s what you will get. Another way of saying it is, life is a boomerang, what you put out, you get back.

If  your current reality isn’t exactly what you hoped or planned for, you can change it by thinking new thoughts. Your thoughts create emotion and emotion is a frequency that attracts like.

How do you do this? Pair your new thought (positive or focused on the desire you want) with a new feeling. Daily, consistent habits will literally turn your reality around.  

Change Your Focus

When you step into a new energetic state and act as if your desire is already true, it must show up. It’s law. Change your focus on who you want to be. When you believe it and feel it, you will become it.

Nicole shared five steps to change your negative narrative:

  1. Self awareness
  2. Identify patterns
  3. Prioritize area(s) of life
  4. Pinpoint negative narrative
  5. Replace it with affirmation (new thought)

Developing sustainable habits is possible. Small steps each day will create a new reality. Train yourself to have motivation that it’s worth it. 

Are you ready to attract your desires?


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