5 Steps to Attract Love

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Episode #266

5 Steps to Attract Love

This week I’m sharing with you my 5 steps to attract love. If you’re looking for lasting love and to meet your ideal partner, this is for you! I highly recommend you take some time to sit down and do each of these exercises. If you want change in your life – you have to implement, not just consume more information.

Get super clear

First of all, in order to figure out what you do want in a partner, you have to get clear on all of the things you don’t want. What trips most people up is staying fixated on what they don’t want, and then wondering why they keep getting the same results. On a piece of a paper, write out a long list of everything you don’t want in a partner.

This could include not wanting someone who smokes, already has kids, lives out of state, dishonest or not a family man. Think back to every relationship you had, especially with your most recent, and list everything you don’t like.

Write your ideal

Then, to the right of this list, write out the opposite of that. For example, if you don’t want a long distance relationship, you would write that you desire someone within 20 miles or if they were lazy you want someone who is motivated. Do this for every item you listed so you now have its counterpart.

Written narrative

Next step, write a long narrative in present tense as though you already possess a relationship with all of these desires. Be very specific about how you feel with this person, what you do together, the experiences you have etc. You can begin with: “I’m so happy and grateful now that I wake up each morning next to the man of my dreams. We enjoy sipping on coffee to get our day started….” Write out the perfect day or perfect week.

Additionally, once you’ve written in detail what this looks like, it’s time to record this. I refer to this as my morning manifesto. Each day, I wake up and listen to my manifesto. I’ve manifested my ideal partner, money, travel and more by doing this same process.


Finally, listen to it on repeat. Every morning and/or every night before bed. You are reprogramming your subconscious mind and creating those thoughts and feelings right now as though they’re already yours. Then, before you know it, you will be living this manifesto! I hope you enjoyed this exercise and my five steps to attract love.


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5 steps to attract love


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