5 Keys of Perseverance to Succeed

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Episode #124

This week I’m sharing with you my 5 keys of perseverance to succeed. There will be times in your life that the only thing you’ll have to pull you through is perseverance. The key to any form of success is to keep going. 

Never quit. 

Whether you’re training for a race, in a relationship, climbing the corporate ladder or venturing on a new endeavor, there will be uphill battles. The good news about uphill battles, there will also be downhill slides!

I know what it feels like to be in an uphill battle. My advice to you, if you’re tired, take a rest, just never quit. Yesterday while running 16 miles that’s exactly what I had to do. Training for this length of a race (marathon) is all about mindset. The mind will try to talk you out of the tough battles. It’s job is to keep you safe.

However, staying safe and inside of your comfort zone is no place to live. I had to stop and rest at times and even when I wanted to quit, I kept going.

5 keys of perseverance to succeed. 

The key to anything is breaking it down to bite size pieces to avoid overwhelm and procrastination. I have compiled my list of five keys of perseverance to succeed.

  1. Affirmations – repeating affirmations or I am statements gets the subconscious mind in gear. What you believe, you become.
  2. Rest when needed – it’s ok to take a break if you’re tired, just don’t quit.
  3. Support system – find your cheerleaders and lean on others who have already paved the path.
  4. Enjoy journey – you’re busting outside of your comfort zone, enjoy every step along the way. Nothing lasts forever.
  5. Faith & trust – mindset is everything. In order to persevere and succeed, you must have faith and trust in the process.

Your language is powerful. 

Anytime you find yourself in struggle, change your language. I have found affirmation and I am statements to be extremely powerful. Yesterday I chanted in my head, “I AM STRONG. I CAN DO THIS. I AM A FINISHER.” 

Whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. 

The key to success, it’s all about mind over matter!

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