4 Ways to Break Bad Habits

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Episode #116

If there’s anything I want to teach, it’s about breaking bad habits. This week, I’m sharing my four tips to do just that. We all have habits that don’t serve us. The question is, how bad do you want change? 

A habit is simply regular behavior that is hard to give up. The good news, not impossible to change! I think what it really comes down to is do you want peace of mind? Do you want to finally lose the weight? Do you want to be happy?

4 Ways to Break Bad Habits: 

  1. Understand trigger
  2. Change your language 
  3. Step back and analyze
  4. Replace the bad habit

Isn’t it comforting to know it’s this simple? Just four steps to literally change your behavior. First of all, understanding the trigger simply means when you’re feeling the negative emotion (stress, insecure, anxious, overwhelm etc) what caused it? Maybe it’s a stressful day that leads to drinking.

Next, think about the language you use when you are triggered. You may say things like, “I’m stressed, I’m not enough, I can’t, I’m anxious” or place blame on someone else. Nobody is in control of you or your emotions but YOU. Don’t give your power to someone else. When you notice the negative language, turn it around. Reframe it. 

Third, step back and analyze the big picture. Take control of what you can control which are your emotions, language and reactions. Think about how you really want to feel. Is it calm, at peace, confident?

Finally, replace your bad habit. I suggest doing things like physical activity, listening to positive and uplifting content, calling a friend or playing music that makes you feel good. If it’s food that you’re triggered by, replace with a healthier alternative. 

By using these four steps when you’re triggered, you can begin to break your bad habits. As with anything, it’s about consistency and being aware.

Build good habits. 

Don’t beat yourself up. It took time to create and live in that bad habit, it will take time to turn it around. Be patient, be kind to yourself and stay focused on how you really want to feel.

Building good habits are just like building muscle. You can’t lift a dumbbell once and have nice biceps just like you can’t replace a bad habit once and call it good. The more you are aware of your triggers, the more control you have in allowing them to affect you negatively.

Are you ready to break your bad habits?!

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