4 Ways to Accept a Compliment With Grace

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Episode #128

This week I’m sharing with you 4 ways to accepting a compliment with grace. I know this doesn’t come easy for some – you tend to deflect, downplay or reject compliments. Instead of doing that, I’m sharing with you four ways to graciously accept a compliment.

Just say thank you. 

I remember in elementary school when my mom taught me that no matter my immediate thought when someone offers a compliment, simply say “Thank you.” If you’re used to deflecting, downplaying or rejecting a compliment when given, stop. It’s actually offensive to do so.

Instead, get into a habit of simply offering a thank you, or if you choose, return a compliment to them. It’s a small act of kindness and you can literally make someone’s day.

The more you get into a habit of accepting a compliment, you might even start to believe what’s coming your way!

Don’t fuel the fire. 

There are times when you may receive a rude compliment. I encourage you to not stoop to the sender’s level. For example, if given a backhanded or negative compliment such as “Congrats on the promotion, it’s about time” or, “Thanks for always being late!” Don’t take things personally. The individual may be jealous, have had a bad day or simply projecting their feelings onto you.

The truth of the matter, it’s not worth getting upset over or trying to say something rude in return. We could all use a little more kindness.

Smile, say thank you, the end!

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