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4 Steps to Living a Life With Intention

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Episode #259


4 Steps to Living a Life With Intention

Lucas Catton joined me to share with you four steps to living a life with intention. What does that mean exactly? To be intentional means to do on purpose, or deliberately. Many people are living their life going through the motions and rather than choosing how they show up or directing their energy and attention towards what they want, they unconsciously show up.

First, awareness

In order to live a life with intention, you have to begin with awareness. By increasing your awareness to the things you do, what you say, and how you show up, you can begin directing your energy and creating by choice rather than by default. When you’re aware, you’re present.


Part of living with intention is creating structure or a framework in which you can direct your life by. Lucas shares how you PICK (progress, impermanence, connection and kindness). I’ll share what each of these words mean and how you can incorporate them into your life by choosing to be intentional.

Progress + Impermanence

First of all, progress simply means small steps overtime in the direction you choose can add up to big results. Rather than trying to make quantum leaps, think of each forward step as compounding interest. You may not see results immediately but they add up quickly. Impermanence simply means nothing, good or bad, lasts forever. If you find yourself in a rut or tough spot, know that it’s temporary. Don’t get hung up in thinking you have a bad life because of a single bad moment.

Connection + Kindness

In addition, all humans seek connection. That’s what we’re here for. We crave meaningful conversation and touch. Find a community in which you vibe with or, create your own. Finally, kindness – treat everyone as your neighbor and watch the ripple effects it can have.


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