4 Simple Ways to Appreciate What You Already Have

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Episode #186

4 Simple Ways to Appreciate What You Already Have

I had a big a-ha moment this past week while traveling in Iceland, which brought me to today’s topic: 4 simple ways to appreciate what you already have. I was chatting with the the woman at reception while checking in to my cottage in the middle-of-nowhere Iceland. One of my bucket list experiences while traveling here is to see the Northern Lights!

The woman who checked us in is an Icelandic native, so seeing the Northern Lights to her is not a spectacular phenomenon. It’s normal to her. It made me think – what am I not appreciating that I already have? Where can I be more grateful and present? 

Look in your own backyard

Living in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains are literally in my backyard. People from around the world travel to Colorado to experience the views, hiking, skiing and more. I know people that live in Colorado that have never been and don’t go to the mountains. Same in California – I love the beach. It’s not in my backyard but I know people who live in California that don’t go to the beach. 

Now, I ask you – what is around you that you may take for granted and don’t appreciate? Where can you stop and smell the roses with appreciation and gratitude? 

4 simple ways

The following will take practice but the more you do it, the easier it gets and I know how much of a difference it can make in your life. Here are my 4 simple ways to appreciate what you already have:

  1. Have a gratitude practice
  2. Be present
  3. Give back
  4. Self compassion

I dive into each of these four ways in this week’s podcast episode. The most important takeaway, what you focus on expands! Feel the feelings of being fortunate for what you already have – like being alive. 


To listen in to the full episode, click below.



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