30 Days to a Healthier You

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Episode #132

Are you ready for a 30 day challenge to a healthier you?! I’ve put together a free ebook (click here) to test your self discipline, food triggers and mental toughness.

Nothing tastes as good as healthy looks and feels.

This isn’t just another fad. In this 30 day challenge, it’s about getting intentional. What’s your why? I also believe the way to succeed is accountability as well as a gratitude practice. The reason most “diets” fail is because people start out with a monstrous goal with no real plan.

Example, to lose 60 pounds, by uhh…tomorrow. Let’s be real. You didn’t gain the weight overnight, you won’t be able to lose it overnight. I believe in the power of having an end goal and reverse engineering backwards with daily consistent action to get you there.

Eliminate the processed junk.

In this 30 day challenge, I encourage you to cut way back or eliminate processed foods and refined sugar. I also provide healthy alternatives so you don’t feel deprived. This challenge isn’t about deprivation. It’s about creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Who knows, by the end you may no longer crave or have a desire for the foods you once consumed daily.

Foods to avoid.

The foods to avoid or cut back on are as follows:

  • No burger
  • No chips
  • No icecream
  • No fast food
  • No chocolate
  • No bread
  • No soda
  • No cakes, donuts or baked goods
  • No candy or refined sugar

I realize this list may be intimidating, but none of these foods provide any real nutritional value. We’ve simply become accustomed to eating them. Instead think about lean protein, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables and heck, try something new!

I want you to be successful in this challenge. Remember to download your ebook by clicking here to get started.


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