3 Steps to Train Your Brain

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Episode #226

3 Steps to Train Your Brain

I’m bringing the heat this week and sharing with you three steps to train your brain! I preach often and I can’t say it enough – mindset is everything. You can either learn to master your mind or fall slave to your mind. What will you choose?

Stop living by default

Your mind is your instrument. You can learn to be its master and not it’s slave. Many people live life by default – going through life’s motions thinking they are a passenger rather than the driver of their life. I’m here to tell you, it’s time to take life by the reigns and train your brain so you start living your ideal life and stop daydreaming about it.

Reframe, rehearse and then repeat

The three steps I want to share with you to train your brain are reframe, rehearse and repeat. It really is that simple. When you can grasp and understand that you have total control of your life, all you need to do is take small, daily incremental steps to obtain that quantum leap. You CAN do this!

Shifting perspective

By reframing from I can’t, I won’t, never, it’s too hard, or impossible into I can, I will, I have, it IS possible, you shift from doubt and scarcity to knowing and abundance. Reframing is powerful but it takes practice. It’s simply becoming aware of your mental chatter. Your beliefs are simply thoughts you keep thinking.

The next step is to rehearse. Just like building a muscle, in order to train your brain, you need to create consistent habits. Think of it like brushing your teeth – it’s a quick daily task that becomes habit. Rehearsing your mantras or affirmations are the same idea.

Implementing positive mental habits

Finally, repeat steps one and two. By creating the awareness and implementing positive mental habits, you get back in the driver seat of your life. You become the master of your brain rather than the slave of your thoughts.

By implementing these three steps to train your brain, you will quickly gain momentum and live the life you want. You will no longer be stuck in a rut or daydream of a better reality. You will have created it by reframing, rehearsing and repeating and ultimately be a master of your brain!


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