3 Steps to Stay on Track and Reach Any Goal

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Episode #223


3 Steps to Stay on Track and Reach Any Goal

Mario Porreca joined me in this interview to share the three steps to stay on track and reach any goal. There are SO many golden nuggets in this interview – I highly recommend listening more than once. In order to reach any goal, you have to have a solid mindset and belief that number one, you can and you will.

Become aware of your thoughts

It’s overwhelming to think we have 60,000+ thoughts per day. There’s no way to monitor every thought and most are on repeat from the day before. What you can do is to become aware of your conscious thoughts and choose which ones you back emotion with. As Mario says, a thought backed with emotion is infinitely powerful.

Don’t identify with your limiting beliefs

Every human, even uber successful entrepreneurs have limiting beliefs. Really successful people have learned how to be aware of these limiting beliefs and choose to not identify with them. Mario recommends being aware of the “I’m not good enough” thought and then acknowledge it by saying “that’s interesting” or simply laugh it off and move onto the next.

Allow inspired thought

I’ve shared this many times before and I’ll share it again – meditation gives you the space to connect with inspired thought. You can also connect with this driving, or, for Mario, in the shower. When he’s completely relaxed, ideas come to him. Most people are occupied with being busy that the inspired thought doesn’t have the opportunity to be noticed.

Adjust your approach

Mario shared three steps to stay on track and reach any goal – take action, measure results along the way and then adjust your approach. Simple, right? Most people get stuck on measuring results – if they haven’t met their end goal they may quit and give up. Instead, Mario suggests not getting emotional with data, instead use it to improve and grow.

To sum all of this up, we create our reality by thoughts which create our beliefs. Learn to be aware of your thoughts and know that you have the ability to choose again. If you’re not where you want to be, be flexible in your approach and open to other avenues. And, finally, back your desires with emotion and grit, and you WILL achieve your desires.


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