3 Steps to Overcome Mass Fear

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Episode #220

3 Steps to Overcome Mass Fear

The global consciousness is currently consumed with mass fear over the coronavirus. Part of me didn’t want to talk about the subject because everywhere you turn – social media, the radio, your email – it’s a constant barrage of fear inducing hysteria.

Instead, I wanted to shift the focus. I want to provide you with ways to shift your mindset and choose again. That lead me to today’s podcast – 3 steps to overcome mass fear.

The power of fear

If you can sit back and simply observe, it’s amazing at how powerful fear can be. It’s literally taken over the world, affecting every industry, crashing markets, and creating mass hysteria. The only way around this is to stop adding fuel to the fire. To, choose again.

Faith over fear

For days I sat in my own disbelief and awe at what was going on. I ventured out to the grocery store and was caught off guard with the negative and fearful energy. Observing people hoarding supplies like the world was ending. Since we have little control in this situation besides taking care of ourself, I have chosen to sit in faith over fear.

The three steps I want to provide you with to help overcome the current circumstances are this:

  1. Quiet the noise
  2. Take inventory of your thoughts and emotions
  3. Focus on what you CAN control

Choose again

You have two options – you can fall prey to the mass hysteria and fear induced by others, or, you can connect to a source greater than you. Choose to have faith over fear. Focus on abundance over scarcity. Think about your wellness instead of illness. You get to create your reality.

What will you focus on?


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