3 Steps to Manifest Your Desires

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Episode #302

3 Steps to Manifest Your Desires

Get excited – today you’re learning my 3 steps to manifest your desires! Before we get started, it’s important to know WHAT you want in life. This is your chance to get clear. Do you want more money? Better health or relationships? To travel? I highly suggest you go all in on ONE area of life, learn the formula to manifest and then, keep going!

Get clear on your desire

First of all, you have to know the what. For easy teaching in this scenario, let’s say you want $10,000. That’s specific. Saying you want more money is vague. Just like with a house – what kind of house, how many square feet, number of bedrooms, paint colors, finishes and more. When you know the what and you’re clear and specific, then you can begin manifesting!

Vision boards aren’t enough

Although vision boards are useful in helping you to know what you want, it’s not enough. You are energy and everything you desire is also energy. In order to attract or draw in what you want, you have to get on the same frequency – think of tuning into the same radio station. Or, when playing darts, hitting the bullseye. When you combine your clear focus of the what with an emotion of already having it, you become a magnetic force drawing the desire to you.

Embody your emotion

Additionally, it’s important to know what kind of emotion you will experience when you already have the money, house, relationship or are on the beach vacation. Are you feeling grateful, joy, abundant, freedom, in love? Connect to this emotion and embody it now.

The success formula

Finally, in summary, the three steps to manifest your desires are about having a clear desire and then mentally and emotionally rehearsing already having it! By doing this exercise daily, you will literally attract this future reality to you now. I can’t wait to see what you manifest!


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