3 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire

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Episode #240

3 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire

Today I’m sharing with you the 3 steps to manifest anything you desire. This is something I love talking about and relatable to anyone. We all desire things in life and you won’t stop desiring experiences or things until you transition. So, you might as well manifest all that you desire!

Get clear

The three steps I’m sharing with you I have proven worked time and time again. I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass – I know they work from personal experience. And, as I share often, words don’t teach. So, take what you learn here and implement it into your life so you too, can manifest anything you desire.

First step – get clear. What do you want? To say you want more money is nice. But, you could find a penny on the ground – and hey, that’s more money. Instead, be clear. How much money, and, by when? Same thing when it comes to other experiences or things – be really clear on the WHAT.

Create belief

Next step – create belief and certainty that you can have it. If you have any ounce of worry, fear or doubt, guess what? You’re blocking it from manifesting. I like to put out a desire and sit back with excited anticipation that I KNOW it’s on the way! It’s already mine.

Another way to create belief, is to future riff as if. You can read all about that, in this previous article by clicking here. Put simply, speak about your desire as though it has already happened. When you speak it and feel it, it must come to fruition.

The how is not your job

The final step, let go of the how. The how is not your job. Otherwise, with your current experience, you can limit yourself. Detach from the outcome and let the Universe show you the way. 

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