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3 Steps to Change Your Reality

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Episode #245


3 Steps to Change Your Reality

Ryder Champouillon joined me to discuss energy fields, quantum physics and the 3 steps to change your reality. Quantum physics have become fascinating to me and introduced by Dr. Joe Dispenza. In a previous episode, we went over quantum physics 101. 

Energy in motion

Everything that surrounds you, including you, is made up of energy. Although objects look solid, they’re not. Rather, everything is energy vibrating and in motion. In other words, everything has an energy field and with the right alignment you can literally create your reality.

You create your reality

In fact, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’re constantly creating your reality. Life is like a boomerang – whatever you put out, you get back. Ryder shares an example of the fork in road regression, meaning, diverting from one path of existence to another based on an experience. 

I’m currently reading a book about reality transurfing. Similar to Ryder’s example, in a scientific theory, our reality is based on a grid and layers. You can literally jump from one reality to another based on your energy and thoughts. This is so cool and yet hard to grasp at the same time. 

Change your reality

The most important takeaway here is that you are the author of your book. You are writing the story. If you don’t like your current reality you can change it by starting with gratitude, appreciation for what you have and a choice to create new. When you come from a space of gratitude you’re vibrating at a high energy frequency. As they say, like attracts like.

Belief + visualization

Ryder shares his own story of changing his reality when he was diagnosed with a major health scare. He harnessed belief with visualization. Just as Dr. Joe Dispenza shares how he healed a major spinal cord injury by thought alone, you are powerful beyond measure. Will you tap into your power and use these 3 steps to create your reality? 

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