3 Steps to Break Bad Habits

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Episode #268

3 Steps to Break Bad Habits

This week I’m teaching you three steps to break bad habits. I hear it often – people want change. The truth is, if you want change, you’re going to have to be committed to doing the work to change your bad habits. You’re going to have to be consistent and create new winning habits to override your old patterns.

First step, awareness

In order to get started, you have to be aware. Awareness creates the desire for change. When you become aware or ultimately hit rock bottom, you know you need to change – something. Your habits are the best first place to start! You have to make a conscious choice to stop focusing on what you don’t want – and flip the script.

Flip the script

To begin, flipping the script means you’re changing your focus. Imagine if you spent all of your time and energy thinking about what you want rather than the absence of it. If you were constantly thinking about abundance, speaking about abundance then you would become abundant.

3 step process

You are literally a magnet – whatever you focus on you will attract more of it. Now that you’ve committed to doing what you need to do to break your bad habits, I’m going to share with you a tried and true three step process to get you started.

How to break bad habits:

  1. Change your focus and thoughts to think about what you want
  2. Shift your language and topic of discussions to speak of what you want
  3. Create emotion and feelings and act as if what you want is already yours

Incorporating this three step process to break your bad habits takes time. Here’s the thing, the time is going to pass anyways. Choose instead, to be intentional with your time and energy and soon you will be designing your life with intention instead of by default.


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3 Steps to Break Bad Habits


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