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3 Mindset Shifts for Relationship Remastery

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Episode #267


3 Mindset Shifts for Relationship Remastery

Dr. Jeff Jennings and his wife Jessica Jennings joined me to discuss three mindset shifts for relationship remastery. If you’re in a relationship, been in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, this discussion is for you! Both Jeff and Jessica have been practicing counseling for more than 20 years and share so much wisdom when it comes to connection with your partner.

Inner work first

First of all, in order to remaster your current relationship or set yourself up for better odds next time, you have to do your own inner work. Relationships are two whole people coming together creating a partnership. It takes two individuals doing the work separately and together to create a space to support and connect with each other.

Mindset shifts

The Jennings share the three mindset shifts which are:

  1. Declaring and deciding that I am able to deeply connect
  2. Feeling and knowing that my needs can be met
  3. Recognize you’re on a team and not adversaries

I love that idea of being on a team. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work! Both also discuss and touch on different attachment styles. It’s important to know and understand your own attachment styles so you can understand when you or the other is in a space to retaliate, repress or retreat. These are forms of self protection.

Be intentional

Additionally, for any relationship to work, it’s important to be intentional about making changes to get needs met more effectively. Rather than be on the defense, seek to understand. This is especially important when things get heated – pause, mention that “We’re doing it again” and take the time to become aware and reawaken to your patterns of underlying fear.

To deep dive into this discussion, tune in to hear the full story. Jeff and Jessica share the three mindset shifts for relationship remastery as well as so many more golden nuggets. If you’re willing to become aware of your triggers and ready to change your patterns, be ready for a whole new experience!


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