30 Days of Gratitude

By November 1, 2017 No Comments

Can you believe it’s already November 1st?!  We’re in the last 60 days of 2017.  I’ve spent this week thinking about goals for 2018 and created my vision board.  I love doing this!  For the last three years, I’ve created a poster board full of magazine cut outs with items I’d like to accomplish for that year.  It’s fun to look back to see how many visions came true.  

For the month of November, I am setting out to post something new each day in which I’m grateful for.  I invite you to join in on my 30 Days of Gratitude.  You’re welcome to post to your social media, or, if you’d like to keep it a bit more private, write in a daily journal.  I invite you to do this every morning when you wake up or the last thing you do before you go to bed.  Remember, what you focus on expands!  The more you’re grateful for, the more you’ll be given to be grateful for <3.