My Morning Routine

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How to have a G.R.E.A.T. Morning!

I have integrated a structured morning routine into my daily habits as it helps me to stay focused, gives me energy and in general, has each day starting off on a positive note.  I want to share my morning routine with you and invite you to use it or modify it to your liking.

I am using the acronym G.R.E.A.T. as my routine has 5 parts and having this positive word is easy to remember.  Each letter has its own function and time devoted.  Let’s get to it!

G – gratitude.  

I spend each morning first expressing gratitude for yet another day.  I also go to bed at night being grateful for at least five things that happened that day.  It may be the sun shining, connecting with a friend, or having a healthy body to exercise with.  The more you’re grateful for, the more you’ll be given to be grateful for.

R – reading.  

I am always on the look out for a new book as I believe knowledge is power.  I love learning new methods and being reminded of how abundant our Universe truly is.  

E – exercise/meditation.  

I devote time each morning to both exercise whether it be a brief yoga session or more high intensity band workout.  I also integrate time for meditation; it’s in silence that answers are given.

A – affirmations.  

This may include mirror work, or can be part of your meditation.  Spending even just 1 minute each morning voicing affirmations such as I am statements will jumpstart your thought patterns in a positive direction.

T – transcribe.  

Journaling is a powerful tool.  Even just a few sentences each day can guide you or release thoughts you may have.

The below is a breakdown of how I spend my first 30 minutes of each day:

G – gratitude. 1 minute

R – reading. 6 minutes

E – exercise/meditation 10 minutes/9 minutes

A – affirmations 1 minute

T – transcribe 3 minutes

I’d love to hear from you!  If you integrate my morning routine into your daily habits or adjust to make your own.  Comment below or connect with me in my Facebook group.