2 Step Process to Train Your Mind

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Episode #282

2 Step Process to Train Your Mind

I’m teaching you a two step process to train your mind so that you can obtain the results you desire! Mindset is something I preach about and there’s a reason why – your thoughts create your reality. Rather than live life by default, I teach you how to live your life by design.

First step, become aware

In order to close the gap from where you are – to where you want to be, you have to become aware of your thoughts. Only then can you make any changes. When you start to become the observer you’ll realize your thought patterns of limiting beliefs or how easy it is to focus on what you don’t want and what’s not working.

Instead, you have the opportunity to flip the script. Rewrite your story. It’s as easy as catching the negative thought and replacing with an affirmative thought. It may feel hard at first but like anything new, it takes practice. You have to commit to being consistent if you want long lasting change.

Reverse engineer

Additionally, your thoughts create your emotions and feelings which lead to your actions, or inactions and ultimately your results. If you reverse engineer a current result that isn’t pleasing – let’s say you want more money, you’ll realize that the root cause are your thoughts. Are you focused on lack and not enough?

Now that you are aware of your internal dialogue, you can use this two step process to begin to change your mindset. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love how quickly your desires manifest into your reality. It’s on you! Stay consistent and be aware of your thoughts.


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2 Step Process to train your mindset


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