100 Things to Accomplish

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Episode #60

I’m a big fan of Jay Shetty. If you’re unaware of him, he’s a viral video marketer and used to be a monk. Jay is all about spreading positive messages and focuses on the power of our mindset. Jay recently shared a post about Sebastian Terry. If you haven’t heard of Sebastian, he’s an Australian who’s created a movement around his philosophy of 100 things. It’s more than a bucket list.

To join in on this, I’ve created my own 100 things list, and I invite you to create your own. What do you want to create, experience or accomplish during this lifetime? I know that each time I have written things down, or mapped them out, it becomes my reality. Have fun with this!

My list of 100 Things:

1.     Ride camel in Egypt

2.     Egyptian pyramids

3.     Snowboard in the Swiss Alps

4.     Drink champagne in front of Eiffel Tower

5.     Jack Johnson live on the beach

6.     Encounter a Kangaroo

7.     Surf in Costa Rica

8.     Visit Boulders Beach in Cape Town

9.     Photograph a glacier

10.  Northern lights in Iceland

11.  Hike Machu Picchu

12.  Rent a villa in Tuscany

13.  Yoga teacher training

14.  Scuba dive

15.  San Diego zoo

16.  Antarctica

17.  Kite surf

18.  Heli trip for snowboarding

19.  SUP yoga instructor

20.  Live at the beach

21.  Skydive

22.  Publish a book

23.  Get paid for public speaking

24.  Have children

25.  Get married

26.  Visit Lake Louise in Calgary

27.  Napa Valley

28.  Sonoma

29.  Redwood National Forest

30.  Yosemite National Park

31.  Yellowstone National Park

32.  Grand Canyon

33.  Glacier National Park

34.  Horseshoe Bend

35.  Hike Angels Landing in Zion National Park

36.  Bryce Canyon National Park

37.  All 50 state sign pictures

38.  Surf Baja Mexico

39.  Stay in a hut above the water in Maldives

40.  Birthday suit on a nude beach

41.  Feel an earthquake

42.  Bungee jump

43.  Visit great wall of China

44.  Snowboard in Japan

45.  Visit Alaska

46.  Hut trip

47.  Travel in a private jet

48.  Yacht week

49.  Complete a sprint triathlon

50.  Niagara Falls

51.  Surfline train to Santa Barbara

52.  Florida keys

53.  Red Sox game

54.  Build custom home

55.  Own winter mountain house

56.  Own beach house

57.  Go on a cruise

58.  Broncos vs. Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium

59.  Running with the Bulls

60.  Sleep in a TeePee

61.  Meet Jay Shetty

62.  Go on an adventure with Sebastian Terry

63.  Ice fish

64.  Deep sea fish

65.  English style tea party

66.  Drive in movie

67.  Throw first pitch at a baseball game

68.  Hug a Redwood tree

69.  Thunder Down Under or Chip N’ Dale

70.  Ride in a hot air balloon

71.  Sunset picnic

72.  DMT in the jungles of Belize

73.  Visit Kauai and Maui

74.  Havasupai Falls

75.  Shoot guns in an open field (*blow random shit up)

76.  Beach bonfire

77.  Grow my own vegetables/herbs

78.  NY Times Best Selling Author

79.  Design a product

80.  Win jackpot money in Powerball or Mega Millions

81.  Drive a racecar

82.  Anonymously donate six figures to someone/charity in need

83.  Whale watching

84.  Change someone’s life

85.  Learn archery

86.  Solve a rubik’s cube

87.  Attend a show on Broadway

88.  Go to Hershey Park

89.  Drink a $1,000 bottle of champagne

90.  Get paid to travel

91.  Ride a Segway

92.  Eat chocolate fondue

93.  Sit in an ice bath

94.  Arrive by seaplane

95.  Parasail

96.  Walk on hot coals

97.  Attend a rodeo

98.  Give an elephant a mud bath

99.  Climb a volcano

100.  Hold a tarantula