10 Rules of Masculinity in Relationships

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Episode #229


10 Rules of Masculinity in Relationships

Micah Lambert, a men’s relationship consultant, joined me to share the 10 rules of masculinity in relationships. The roles of masculinity and femininity have peaked my interest the last couple of years and I’m always fascinated with relationships – how to better them and understand your partner.

Reframe your perspective

First of all, one key to any relationship is communication. Ladies – men can’t read our mind no matter how much we want them to. And, men, we don’t always want a solution to a problem, sometimes we just want to be heard. An important aspect when it comes to relationships that Micah shared is how to reframe your perspective.

Whether it’s expectations, spoken or assumed, it’s important to take 100% responsibility for your role in every relationship – romantic or otherwise. The major topic we discuss in this interview is authenticity. I can speak for myself, that until I understood what it meant to be authentic, I used to think I had to match the energy in the room.

Getting back to Authenticity

Both men and women have strayed away from their authentic core, at least at times. Women may try to be more assertive wanting to be heard, but if they understood it’s their feminine essence that is most captivating, I believe men and women would have more ease. 

In addition, as the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life” men have fallen submissive and become yes men rather than the strong, protective, assertive men they are at their core. From my perspective, I don’t want a yes man, I want an equal.

The rules

Finally, Micah shares his 10 rules of masculinity in this episode. It’s about men being authentic, creating desire, holding space for their partner, staying in his masculine frame, and to know what you really want in a partner. If it’s not there, move on. To hear the full 10 rules that Micah has formulated, tune into Episode 229.


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