10-Minute Morning Meditation

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Episode #264

10-Minute Morning Meditation

This week I’m guiding you through a 10-minute morning meditation. There are so many benefits to calming your mind and being present – that’s just one thing meditation can do for you. If you’re new to meditation or looking for something new, tune into this quick 10-minute guided morning meditation.

Quiet the chatter

Meditation is a practice and something to be implemented each day. When you quiet the mind chatter and provide yourself with moments of silence and focus on your breath, you open the doorway for intuitive guidance to come in. 

No excuses

There’s no right way to meditate, and you can do it anywhere. Whether you choose to sit or get more comfortable laying down, simply close your eyes and focus on your breath. You may enjoy calm nature music or pure silence. The best part, you can begin with as little as one minute a day! No excuses.

Power of visualization

In this guided meditation, I walk you through the power of clarity and visualization. When you know what you want in life and you focus upon it with feeling and emotion, you can bring it to you. Doing just 10 minutes a day to start, will you keep you coming back for more!

Finally, starting anything new takes times. Give yourself a goal to begin for at least two weeks. Schedule it into your morning routine and watch how your days flow with ease. Enjoy this 10-minute guided morning meditation!


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10 minute meditation


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